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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A World Gone Nuts, or How Soon We Forget

There is something very wrong with the world. And this blog encapsulates this problem.

This blog is written by a person who won't allow you to comment and doesn't have his email or any other contact information in his profile. Yet he can spout his antisemitism (and that's what it is, one post he compares the Operation Wrath of God team to literal Nazis sent by Hitler) in his echo chamber without any rational person coming in and setting him straight.

Is he alone? No. Go to youtube and you can see plenty of antisemitic propaganda. I've seen folks in the comments sections of videos lament the fact that Hitler didn't finish the job. Others pretend antisemitism is a cop out for Israel supporters, but then they'll use terms like "Jewish filth" or "Jewish piggies". Are these people for real? This whole "antisemitism is a cop-out" needs to stop. There's a reason you keep being called antisemites.

And then we have the grand ol' Independent (an Orwellian name if there ever was one).

Perhaps the editors have never heard of argumentum ad populum (appeal to popularity)? For those of you who don't know, it's the logical fallacy that says that because an idea is popular, it is correct. It would be like saying since most Germans supported the Nazis, the Nazis were right. It's quite obvious how such an argument falls flat.

Of course, the Independent is about anti-Israel a publication as you can get. They don't seem to get that the only flag that matters there has a Shield of David on it. Nor do they seem to understand that a ceasefire is a victory for Hizbollah (though I don't know if they'd be disappointed with such an outcome). Israel must finish its goal of the destruction of Hizbollah. They are doing the work of the world, and the world is shunning them for it.

When will this nonsense of painting the aggressors as victims end? Israel has to live up to standards that no nation could, and frankly, standards no nation should have to live up to.


Blogger PopPop said...

You are absolutely CLUELESS, son. They are doing the work of the world my have been completely 'brainwashed' by the Zionist media and it sickens me to hear this BS repeated over and over again.

You think Hizbollah are the agressors!? Unbelievable! Israel has been illegally invading and occupying Lebanon for decades. Hizbollah is a part of the Lebanese National Resistance who are only trying to drive Israel from their land and get back the thousands of Lebanese prisoners who were kidnapped by Israel under the terms of their illegal occupation of Lebanon. It's Israel that's invading and attacking Lebanon - NOT the other way around. Israel has killed 30x more civilians in Lebanon than have died in Israel.

Lebanon successfully drove MOST Israeli's from their land in 2000, but they STILL illegally occupy parts of Southern Lebanon. And until those thousands of Lebanese prisoners that have been trapped in Israeli dungeons over the last 2 decades are released, Hizbollah has every right to capture Israeli soldiers on the border that are about to move into Lebanon again. Israel needs to release all of these thousands of prisoners and get the FUCK out of Lebanon and Palestine too and STOP INVADING THESE COUNTRIES. Hizbollah IS NOT a terrorist organization. Israel is the terrorist state. Hizbollah is only a terrorist organization in the eyes of every Rupert Murdoch, Sumner Redstone(aka Murray Rothstein), Michael Eisner, G.E, Gerald Levin publication in the world...who all BENEFIT GREATLY from the largest umbrella corporation in the world - THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

This is exactly why nobody in this country can get an accurate account of what's happening...we are inundated with nothing but this BULLSHIT and Propaganda that you are spreading on this blog. Israelis ARE NOT the Victims in all of this. Not even close. And it's not anti-semitic to say so - that is the truth. Please do a little more digging into the history of this whole mess and you'll find that Israel is to blame.

And some of the directors of all of these huge corporate/media conglomerates actually also sit on the board of directors of other huge companies like Texaco, Chevron, Boeing, Lockheed, Citigroup, Rockwell Automation, Chase, Worldcom, and JP Morgan, Haliburton etc...and some even have high-ranking Government positions on top of that (Rice, Cheney). This is all fact. All these corps are so interwoven with the media, government, and each other that it's scary. And they all profit from War...especially an atypical War on Terrorism against shadowy groups all across the Arab world that obviously can't be defeated (ala the War on Drugs).

Do you see why we might not be getting a straight answer when the CNN ticker-tape is constantly telling you that all these Arabs are trying to kill everybody? And yes, most of these Media conglomerates are owned by Zionist Jews, as are many of our highest gov't officials like all the psychopathic neo-cons who created's no fluke that the average American was duped into thinking Arabs were bad and Israelis were victimized. C'mon sound like you might have the potential to be a relatively smart guy. Take a good look at everything. Do some research. Look at the current state of affairs in the world. Investigate 9/11. All roads lead back to Israel.

Open your eyes.

And drop the pathetic anti-semitic tirades. I'm no more anti-semitic than I am anti-American for criticizing our own government. Israel needs to be called out for their attrocities and the media needs to drop their blatant pro-Israel/anti-Arab/anti-Muslim BIAS, because that's a big reason why you and so many others keep spouting your ill-informed garbage everywhere.

5:55 AM

Blogger Gerald R Ford said...

That newspaper has a huge mistake there. Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister didn't support an unconditional ceasefire,and had the same stance on it as President Bush. I should also assume Australia took Israel's side.

9:48 PM

Blogger shawn said...

You are absolutely CLUELESS, son.

How I do love irony.

1:48 PM

Blogger shawn said...

And drop the pathetic anti-semitic tirades. I'm no more anti-semitic than I am anti-American for criticizing our own government.

You become anti-semitic when you apply standards to Israel that no country can live up to.

1:49 PM

Blogger laZardo said...


So I guess it's okay for Syria - of which Bashir al-Assad (hope I spelled that right) was the ONLY candidate for President in the recent elections - to try to make Lebanon into their puppet state via Hizbullah and political assassination, for the sole reason that it's not Israel doing it?

1:44 AM


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