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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Get It Straight, or Can't We Transliterate?




That is all.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Huffington Post, or Can This Really Be Better than DailyKos?

The Huffington Post, named for socialite Ariana Huffinton, is one of the dumbest places I've ever gone to. I've been to David Icke's site, I've been to numerous Bigfoot sites, alien sites, Communist sites, anarchist sites, Neo-Nazi site, and I will stand by this. I say this because the people writing at the Huffington Post aren't seen as nutty, yet there's no question they are.

It's like these people don't have an independent thought in their brains. All of them seem to have the very "progressive" idea that warfare is immoral no matter how it is fought. They have the moronic leader of some Arab-American group blogging as if Israel's supporters have to make massive excuses for the "immoral" war against Lebanon. Earth to lunatic - Israel was attacked first. Just because their enemy happened to be Arab doesn't mean you have to reflexively defend them. Perhaps you could write a blog to your brethren telling them to stop trying to kill Jews.

And stop using the label "progressive" (perhaps conservatives can call themselves "virtuous" or something to even it up). Democratic socialism isn't progessive, we saw how well socialism worked over in Europe. I'm a classical liberal (what progressives see as "right-wing"), and these people are just ruining the label. I can't just say liberal, I have to use a goddamn prefix because of these idiots going around spouting their irrational nonsense and ruining the grand ideal of Western liberalism.

Thank the cosmos that there are a couple of parodies of this nonsense blog.